Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Access denied on SharePoint page that was modified with SharePoint designer

-SharePoint 2007 Enterprise. SharePoint Designer 2007
I just ran into a problem where after editing a aspx page of a SharePoint site with SharePoint designer. After I saved the page back. The read only users get "access denied" error when trying to access it. I don't know what was the cause. So I made a copy of the good 'aspx' page and added only one label and saved it back, boom, "access denied" error. The other page was OK. What was wrong?

Update->So looks like this has to do with a Web Part on the page. I open the page in SharePoint designer and simply hit save without making any change. I got the same issue. When I log in as admin (Full Control), I can see a web part wasn't saved correctly.

"Web Part Error: The uploaded file is invalid. Verify that this is a description file Web Part (*. webpart or *. dwp) and that it contains the XML is well formed."

What could have caused the SharePoint designer to incorrectly save a page back? It was an announcements web part and the page opens with SharePoint designer with no problem. And an incorrect web part would give Read Only users "Access Denied"?I tried a few times and it is repeatable.

Update-> Looks like once I got the access denied error it stays. Even if I fix the webpart from browser by removing and readding it. The only way I can get rid of it is to remove the webpart before editing the page in designer. Then save the page and Add the webpart from browser.

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